Our Services

A suite of Audio-visual services to Set the Stage for all your offices in the region. 


The definition of a successful audio-visual integration must able to meet the following criteria:

First, clearly hearing every spoken word. Second, viewing video without interruption. Third, enables two-way communication regardless devices or locations

As highly experienced AV integrators, Octave provides AV integration solutions that not only meet but exceed your requirements.

Multimedia Technology

Multimedia technology refers to interactive, computer-based applications that allow people to communicate ideas and information with digital and print elements. Professionals in the field use computer software to develop and manage online graphics and content, which include but not limited to:

Background music • Room based audio visual/video conferencing • Classroom/lecture theatre • Video wall • Digital signage • Desk booking/room booking


Consultation • Design • Logistics • Project management • Installation • Testing • Training


Octave AV practices design by first accessing client’s audiovisual, video conferencing and acoustic needs, and help to develop your company’s standards, equipment and services requirements.


As audio-visual technology getting increasingly complex and important, it is also crucial to develop, define and enforce av system design/technical standards.

To do so, Octave AV helps clients to create comprehensive audiovisual design and technical standards documents that can be referred by all parties involved.


Octave AV support its client’s with varies maintenance package to cater for different business needs.


Besides coming up with unique design solutions, Octave AV also develop standardization that can be deployed around the region to support its regional clients, for better logistic and maintenance purposes. Most importantly, same user experiences are guaranteed.

Office Locations

Deploy standardized AV system and configuration at any office location

Employee Mobility

Only need to be equipped with ONE cohesive system

Business Efficiency

Unified AV system optimizes technology upgrades and employee training

Troubleshoot and AV Support

IT team only need to be equipped with ONE standardized AV system