Headquartered in Singapore, Octave AV provides cost effective and reliable AV solutions to clients through integrating innovative solutions consisting of products, systems and services with outstanding added value. Being situated in Singapore, the regional hub in Asia Pacific, we are constantly kept up-to-date with new technology and products.

With a group of experienced and dedicated audio-visual specialist, we focus primarily on providing all rounded audio-visual solutions that meet your needs. To date, Octave AV has established regional presence/executed projects in India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

We look to expand our client base through broad knowledge, quality workmanship and direct client relations. In almost all cases, it started from one small fit-out project. Which led to the appointment of Octave AV as their preferred AV vendor in the APAC region; a sign of client’s satisfaction.

Through providing services to various clients, we have forged strong relationships with leading AV manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, NEC, Samsung, LG, Creston, Extron, and Kramer and more. This has helped us to stay relevant and always equipped with the latest industry knowledge. With comprehensive product knowledge across all brands, our engineers are able to advise our clients by providing design solutions that best fit their needs and requirements.

Octave AV upholds a clear value orientation and put a strong emphasis on client satisfaction. We strongly believe that relationship with the clients are the fundamentals to the long-term success of the company.  


Engaging clients through delivering reliable, suitable, cost-effective solution, quality project management, and excellent services.


Seamless Integration across all offices in the region


Quality Assurance • Professionalism • Ethical Engineering Practices • Open Communications • Relevance to the Industry • Innovative

Keen knowledge and adaptability enabled us, a young and dynamic company, to grow rapidly since inception. Our year on year growth stands at more than 50% increment in total revenue and 2 regional branch offices has been set up each year to extend our coverage in the APAC region.
  •  A team of professionals well equipped with APAC regional knowledge and experience
  • An experienced in-house regional project management team exceeding 10 years of technical expertise in AV solutions
  • Evaluated and formed strategic key regional partnership with strong fulfilment capabilities to form a strong team
  • Dedicated program manager for key clients
  • Single point of contact to monitor and closely follow up on all projects
  • Improve time and cost efficiency
  • Greater ability to identify risk and troubleshoot

Regional Presence

Singapore, India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines

Octave AV was established in 2016 in Singapore and has grown rapidly both locally and regionally. Through working closely with all stakeholders, Octave AV has gained the respect and capability to support our client regionally.